Reiki Healing

So what is Reiki?

Woman receiving Reiki healing

Reiki is a safe, gentle and natural way of healing. Reiki reduces pain, helps with stress and emotional trauma and also helps your body and mind relax…Reiki helps you to heal yourself.

Reiki energy healing is a form of ancient hands-on energy healing dating back many thousands of years. The practice of harnessing Universal Energy, Ki, Chi or Prana was rediscovered and named Reiki, by founder Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk.

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The word “Reiki” (pronounced ray-key) simply translated is “universal life force energy”. Rei “universal” meaning present everywhere, and Ki, “life force energy”.

Reiki promotes self-healing and a feeling of wellness, by working with the body’s chakras (energy centres) and meridians bringing Ki (universal life force energy) to the recipient. Reiki is an intelligent energy and does not need to be guided by the practitioner; it will go to exactly where it is needed most and can be used safely for people of all ages.

Dr Mikao Usui. Link to life story.
Dr Mikao Usui

Within the body’s complex energy system, there are seven main chakras that direct Ki, or life force energy, through our energetic system. When all chakras are working correctly, we can function well, deal with most situations and feel healthy.

This subtle life force energy surrounds and flows through us all, enabling us to feel balanced on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If our Ki energy is low, our vitality diminishes and we have an increased susceptibility to illness and stress.

How will Reiki benefit me?

We are all energetic beings, every cell of our body produces bioelectrical activity, which creates biomagnetic fields. Our chakras and energy meridians can become blocked and out of balance when trying to cope with stress at work, relationship problems or bereavement, for example. We all know that life can sometimes become overwhelming and we can feel it’s difficult to cope. This is when our chakras become affected and don’t work as they should, which leads to imbalances and hinders the flow of energy through our energy system. As a result of low life force energy, you could experience a wide range of issues and ailments.

As an attuned Reiki practitioner, I ask and allow universal life force energy to flow through me, as a channel, to the client, who draws in the energy. Reiki is an intelligent energy and will go to wherever it is needed most, to help remove any energy blockages and re-balance the chakras. Once any blockages are cleared, balance can be restored to the energy system, and life force energy is allowed to flow freely again, usually resulting in health and vitality returning.

What can I expect during treatment

Woman reiki healing therapy

Once you arrive, you’ll be asked to fill in a short client information form about your general health, followed by a chat about what you are looking for help with. You’ll then either lie down on the therapy bed, fully clothed with your shoes removed, or you can sit in a chair if that’s more suitable for you. Lights will be dimmed, a light blanket will cover you and soothing music will be playing. The treatment will then begin and hands will be placed on, or slightly above your body, as you approve.

What will I feel?

If you’re wondering what sort of feelings you might get during a healing session, some comments made by clients are is “I could feel energy in my legs”, “I could feel where your hands were, but you weren’t touching me”, “I saw beautiful colours and sparkling lights”, “or “I feel at peace and so relaxed”. But everyone is different and will have their own unique experience.

In some cases, nothing is felt, but this doesn’t mean the healing session isn’t working; Reiki is an intelligent energy and will go where it is most needed, for the greatest and highest good of the recipient. Remember, Reiki works on all levels…mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Most people though, report an increased feeling of wellbeing, a sense of peace and relaxation afterwards.

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Reiki benefits

This gentle non-invasive healing method has many benefits:

Relaxes the body and releases tension

Reduces stress and lowers anxiety

Helps you cope with difficult situations

Helps reduce pain

Promotes better sleep

Increases energy levels

Reduces headaches, migraines and sinusitis pain

Helps the body release toxins

Supports the immune system

Can help with weight loss

Removes energy blockages

Helps release stuck emotions

Helps calm the mind

Helps to break away from unhelpful habits

Aids the body to self heal

Promotes spiritual growth and emotional healing

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Reiki healing in hospitals

Did you know that many hospitals around the world use Reiki healing practitioners to help patients manage pain? Reiki helps them relax, and so stimulates their natural healing processes for faster healing.

Click Here for some of the UK hospitals where Reiki is used.

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I’ve had several reiki sessions with Jillian and have left each on feeling relaxed and cleansed. She is friendly and easy going and I felt totally at ease with her. Highly recommend!


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Distance Healing

I had a distance healing from Jillian and it worked really well on my blockages and I felt things getting clear. Thank you so much!

Matt, Romania

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I asked Jillian to send me reiki to help me with stress. I felt energy moving through me during the session and afterwards was so relaxed and calm. It was an amazing feeling, during and afterwards. I have booked my next session already.

Kalliope, Greece