Distance Reiki Healing

Energy from hands.

So what is Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki is healing from a distance, without the person actually being present in the room, but with the same healing benefits. Healing can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world and at any time.

Maybe you would like Reiki healing for yourself, someone you care about or a pet, but you don’t live near a Reiki practitioner, or you’re too just too busy to travel… Distance Reiki is the answer.

How will Distance Reiki benefit me?

We are energetic beings and with today’s hectic lifestyles and ups and downs, our chakras and energy meridians can become blocked and out of balance. When this happens you may experience a wide range of issues and ailments. Each chakra corresponds to specific parts of the body and they can affect us on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A Reiki session can help you by removing any energy blockages and helping to balance your chakras.

Does a specific time need to be arranged for the Distance Reiki session?

No, arranging a specific time for your session isn’t necessary. The session will be just as effective, even if you aren’t lying or sitting down. However, if you would like a appointment slot where you can relax while Reiki is being sent, this can easily be arranged.

Distance Reiki for situations

You can also send Reiki healing energy to any situation. Energy is directed to a particular situation instead of to a person or animal. For example, it can be sent to help heal a relationship with a certain person. This works by removing the lower, denser vibrational energies that surround the situation, to allow healing.

I have sent Reiki to interviews and upcoming events with positive results. It is best though to keep in mind that Reiki is always based on the highest and greatest good for all concerned.

How does Distance Reiki work?

The first thing you’ll be thinking is…does it work? Well, the answer is, yes it does! I understand if you feel sceptical, I was, and I asked myself that same question, even when I was first learning about Reiki. But when I began sending Distance Reiki I could feel heat and energy flowing from my hands, and I thought, is this really happening? It was a real wow! moment. I received so much positive feedback of what had been experienced, during and after the sessions, there was far too much evidence for me to continue to have doubts…although I still couldn’t explain it. So I did some research, as you do.

Still sceptical?

After a lot of reading, what I found out was that basically, we are all energy. Every cell of our body creates bioelectrical activity that produces biomagnetic fields. When it comes down to it…everything is energy, and everything vibrates at different frequencies.

Your mobile phone, tv and internet all tune into different energy frequencies for them to work; but you can’t see those frequencies, it’s just accepted they are there. Yet just a few hundred years ago, if someone suggested you’d be able to speak with another person on the other side of the world, instantly, or watch moving pictures on a piece of glass, you’d have thought they were completely mad. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Distance Reiki works in the same way as mobile phone signals but uses natural energy which is all around us and in us. Reiki uses these energy currents to ‘tune into’ the person it’s being sent to. This connection is made possible as the Reiki practitioner acts as a channel, and by the use of the Reiki distance symbol, which is used to create a bridge between themselves and the recipient. This connecting bridge then allows healing energy to be received by the person.

What will I feel?

If you’re wondering what sort of feelings you might get during a healing session, an example of some of my regular feedback is:

reiki all that is

My foot felt very hot,

I could feel tingles,

I saw colours, there were tiny sparkles and I saw butterflies,

I was so relaxed, I dozed off.

I felt a light breeze waft over me during the Reiki, and felt much ‘lighter’ afterwards, I can’t explain it.

Everyone is different and will have their own unique experience. Sometimes nothing is felt, but this doesn’t mean the healing isn’t working; Reiki energy will go where it is most needed, for the greatest and highest good of the recipient. Remember, Reiki works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I’ve found though, that most people report an increased feeling of wellbeing and a sense of peace and relaxation afterwards.

chakra symbols


I had a distance healing from Jillian and it worked really well on my blockages and I felt things getting clear. Thank you so much!

Matt, Romania

chakra symbols

I asked Jillian to send me reiki to help me with stress. I felt energy moving through me during the session and afterwards was so relaxed and calm. It was an amazing feeling, during and afterwards. I have booked my next session already.

Kalliope, Greece

How much does it cost?

I feel every sentient being should have access to Reiki healing. Reiki does, however, require an exchange of energy, this is not for the Reiki healing, but for my time and to enable you to take a more active role in your own healing. Please let me know how much you feel you could contribute, using the form below.

Once I have your email I’ll get in touch with you for your details or the name and location of the person, pet or situation you would like Distant Reiki to be sent, the more information the better really. It’s all confidential.

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