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Please get in touch to book a Reiki session using the form below and I’ll get back to you.

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You can tailor the length of the appointment to suit your available time, and if you’re not able to come to me in person, I can send Distance Reiki to you at your location.

You can book a Distance Reiki session with me by emailing me at or via the Contact Form above.

I realise there are no prices for Distance Reiki on my website, that’s because I feel every sentient being should have access to Reiki healing. Reiki does, however, require an exchange of energy, this is not for the Reiki healing, but for my time and so you can play an active role in your own healing. Please let me know how much you feel you could contribute, using the form above.

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I’ve had several Reiki sessions with Jillian and have left each on feeling relaxed and cleansed. She is friendly and easy-going and I felt totally at ease with her. Highly recommend!


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Jillian is such a lovely person and made me feel so relaxed during our little chat beforehand. During the session, I felt a lot of heat coming from her hands, even when they were nowhere near my body! It was very powerful. Afterwards, I felt calm and rested and my stress just went. I was amazed and will book another session soon.


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Distance Healing

I had a distance healing from Jillian and it worked really well on my blockages and I felt things getting clear. Thank you so much!

Matt, Romania

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I asked Jillian to send me reiki to help me with stress. I felt energy moving through me during the session and afterwards was so relaxed and calm. It was an amazing feeling, during and afterwards. I have booked my next session already.

Kalliope, Greece